Behind the Scenes: Meet the People Powering Natural Gas Liquids Transportation at Grammer

Tony Shinn standing beside Grammer Logistics' 331 NGL transport trailer, showcasing the company's commitment to specialized and safe natural gas liquid transportation.

A Conversation with Grammer’s VP of NGL Operations, Tony Shinn


Transportation of any product requires a trusted partner who has decades of experience, but especially when it includes transporting natural gas liquids such as butane and propane. As a nationally-recognized expert, our team serves customers nationwide in industrial, agricultural and manufacturing sectors, including some of the largest energy producers. From safely handling specialized products within our extensive fleet, to 24/7 dispatch coverage, we sat down with Grammer’s Vice President of National Gas Liquids Operations, Tony Shinn, to discuss how Grammer stands apart.



  1. Q) If a customer is considering working with a NGL logistics transportation partner, what are some questions you would recommend they ask a provider?


  1. Working knowledge of the product and industry is key. We know and understand the nuances of each location which helps to keep products moving safely and efficiently. This is especially important based on the volatility of energy markets and the importance of keeping pace with customer demands. NGL shippers should also understand their carrier’s safety processes and review performance continually.


  1. Q) Bulk tanker safety is obviously the number one priority of any transportation company. How does Grammer approach this important aspect of the industry?


  1. The culture of safety at Grammer is at the forefront of every department and conversation we have with the drivers. We understand the trust our customers have in us to deliver safely. We also feel the responsibility as an industry leader to ensure we are safe on the roads.


  1. Q) You make a great point. Transportation leadership in this space certainly sets providers apart. Do you have a specific example of a teammate(s) who went above and beyond for a Natural Gas Liquids customer?


  1. Our team really shines with our communication and ability to create solutions. We operate with a central planning team based in Ohio: it’s really a command center for the entire country. Additionally, we have an operational safety field presence in each market to help assist drivers, locations, and customers in real time. Our team is staffed to be available 24/7 to meet the needs of our customers and drivers. This is an area we continually receive positive recognition and thanks which is always great to hear.


  1. Q) Finally, a lot of customers are feeling pressure and uncertainty with the economic market. Do you have any recommendations to customers on what they can expect in the near future?


  1. As we head into 2024, we are educating shippers on the increased costs which continue to affect all trucking companies. Specifically, insurance is rising by double digits annually even for the safest carriers on the road. We need everyone’s help to ensure safety is the top priority for shippers and consignees, while also assisting carriers in helping to offset the rising costs.


With the rise of costs coming down the pike, supply chain efficiency has become increasingly important for many industries. Be sure to partner with a logistics and transportation leader that has the experience and safety record to handle your loads. If you’re interested in learning more about Grammer’s Natural Gas Liquids Transportation solutions, contact us today.

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