Building a Business Strategy: How to Find the Right Ammonia Transportation Partner

If you are in the business of transporting ammonia, you know that not all chemical tanker shipping companies are created equal. And while ammonia is becoming an increasingly popular fuel source due to its increased efficiency and less expensive transportation costs compared to other fuel sources, the industry is seeing a need for more trucks and experienced drivers. Because despite its many advantages, transporting ammonia comes with its own complex set of hurdles. So we sat down with our VP of Operations, Bill Dorsch, to discuss the business of hauling ammonia and what customers should consider for their 2024 business strategy.


Q: Bill, when companies are looking to transport ammonia, what are the most critical factors they should consider in choosing the right transportation partner? How does Grammer Logistics distinguish itself in these areas?

A: With the hazards that ammonia presents the most important factor that should be considered when choosing a transportation partner is their safety culture along with their knowledge of the product. Grammer has decades’ worth of knowledge and expertise with transporting ammonia.

Q: Could you discuss the unique challenges involved in transporting ammonia compared to other chemicals, and what qualities a company should look for in a transportation partner to address these challenges?

A: The transport trailers for ammonia are unique and require drivers to have specific training on how to use the trailer and work with the product. When choosing a transportation partner, you really need to look at the safety record and experience level. Grammer has been in the ammonia transportation business for decades and with that comes experience to handle any situation that arises.

Q: Ammonia has been traditionally used in fertilizers, but its role is expanding in various industries, including as a fuel source. How is Grammer adapting to these evolving uses and what does this mean for potential clients?

A: Grammer has added drivers, tractors, and trailers to our fleet for the expansion and larger outlet for ammonia. The biggest thing that clients need to look at as ammonia is being used in more applications is that it tightens up capacity that carriers have. The best advice I can give a potential client is work on booking the capacity needed with a carrier as soon as possible.

Q: As we look ahead to 2024, what trends or developments do you foresee in the ammonia transportation industry, and how should companies prepare to navigate these changes?

A: The biggest trend I see is capacity tightening with carriers as ammonia is being used in more and more processes other than fertilizer. Plan ahead and book the capacity needed as soon as you can.

While ammonia is becoming more popular as not only a fertilizer, but a fuel source as well, it’s important to remember that bulk trucking services, especially for hazardous chemicals, will become scarcer. Transportation companies will be working to increase their fleet and equipment to provide safe and exceptional service for their customers. Of course, with more trucks and equipment, companies will also be looking for more drivers in this specialized space as well.


If you are looking for a hazardous chemical transportation provider, or know of drivers who are looking for truck driving jobs, now is a good time to consider working with an elite team. Or, at any time, you can connect with Bill and his team and we’ll help you with your 2024 ammonia strategy.

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