The Benefits of Transportation Management within Chemical Logistics

3PL Provider

Whether you have worked with a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider in the past or not, you may not know all the benefits of having a provider who can support your supply chain. From a nuanced understanding of the specific safety requirements of safe chemical transportation to developing tailored solutions in real-time, there are several benefits to working with a 3PL provider. 


Highest Level of Safety  


It’s important to remember that many 3PL providers are generalists and might not fully understand the specifics to transporting chemicals. Transporting bulk chemicals requires the highest level of safety on every shipment, every time. It’s important to look for a 3PL provider who manages carriers to the highest safety standards, especially when it comes to the transportation of hazardous materials. Having a team in place, from drivers to managers, who understand the nuances to transporting bulk chemicals and the safety requirements of this valuable load allows for better peace of mind that your shipment will arrive where it needs to, safely, and on time. 


Advanced Systems and Processes 


Adapting to the fast-paced changes occurring across the marketplace sets any business apart from their competitor. The same is true in logistics management. In today’s highly technical marketplace, having an advanced process to manage the high-demand of the marketplace is key for staying top-of-class. For the most advanced players in transportation management, developing an internal transportation management system (TMS) is key for rapid-response decision making and building deeper customer trust. A TMS that offers tailored solutions in real-time also allows clients to save money through immediate execution. With automated communications, data management of carrier routes, mileage calculations and shipment tracking, when customers have the ability to create, store, edit and customize reporting tools through their own web portal they no longer have “just another vendor” in the logistics space. They have a key partner in their business strategy. 


Superior Management 


Managing the transport of goods requires a logistics provider who is able to adapt to a variety of loads. Earlier this year, Grammer acquired LMR, who has a superior history in managing this process. Since 1981, LMR has been a top player in managing bulk chemical loads as a third-party logistics provider. One of the key characteristics to superior management, especially in the chemical logistics space, includes the adaptability to work with a large network of carriers, on-demand experts, as well as providing viable solutions. LMR uses order-tender forecasting models and proprietary load optimization and routing software to match marketplace capacity with client order demand. This important aspect of their management strategy helps lower costs and improve efficiency for their customers. It’s a win-win for everyone. 


The best logistics management solutions don’t have an answer for your needs – they have the best answer for your specific situation. Want to know more? Talk to a member of our team today and learn how Grammer Logistics and LMR can support your bulk chemical transport needs! Contact Us

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